Elevator Speech

I write two blogs, one professional and one personal. Both blogs are named within the Maine Cafe theme. I want my readers to come in with a cup of a coffee, sit down and share thoughts while engaging in a dialogue between our minds.

The Maine Forest Cafe is my personal blog. The plot here is to dialogue my personal and philosophical musings. Postings are made in lieu of, or supplemental to postings made in directed online communities, thus making some thoughts available to a wider audience.

The Maine HR Cafe is my professional blog. There is a dearth of HR blogs in the state of Maine, so I started one to see if I could either fill a niche or get the ball rolling on my own. The plot here is to dialogue both professional and political commentary.

Two themes unify my blogs, Maine and photography. I am a photographer, frequently, I start a post with a picture, frequently my own, that visually introduces the topic to be spoken to. Maine is where I deliberately chose to live. Both blogs have links available to my Flickr page.

Right now, I am engaged in an online 31 day challenge. At the end of this challenge, I hope that both of my blogs are in better shape, have gained in readership, and have a more evident and unified direction. As such, this elevator speech will be cross posted on both blogs.

Grab a cup of coffee and as Captain Jean Luc Picard would say with gusto, “Engage.”


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