Smoking a Brisket for East’ah

A day long monologue of getting the meal to the table.

0737 Start the fire. It’s 32 degrees outside with a steady wind from the WNW. The smoker is on the lea side of the house, somewhat sheltered. BUT, I imagine that temperature management will be a challenge.

0821 The meat is on. The mop has been boiled. Smoker running near good temperature, above the line at least. Next check point – 0900.

0930 Temperature holding within expected range. Meat flopped and mopped. More chips added for the smoke.

1030 MeaTemperature @ 120 degrees. Keep the cooking slow.

1100 The steak cut is off, covered in foil, and in the fridge.

1130 Meat flopped and mopped with temperature now approaching 130 degrees. Slowing down the cooking, adding more smoke.

1230 Meat flopped, mopped & @ 139. Need 35 more degrees, letting some oxygen in, check back in 20 minutes.

1430 At the push point, need 25 more degrees

1600 Done, resting into tender, delicious and moist delight.

1900 without a doubt, the best smoked brisket yet, surrounded by the pink ring of smoking excellence, encompassing the the moistasty delight within.


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