Random Thoughts April 25 – May 1, 2009

Throughout each week, I write down my random thoughts that traverse the wilderness of my mental wanderings. These are my notes to myself to remember to say something more.

Here is what wandered through my wonderings. The idea becoming is that one may become the trigger point for a more elaborative explorative blog entry.

Let that be a lesson.

31 days or 31 weeks to a better blog. The week will allow time for reflection. The day will reinforce nimbility.

Maine HR Convention. 2W&!D for the annual shared sabbatical of professional renewal.

This I believe after four years. I believe in power of rights v responsibility v obligatiosn that will create opportunity.

Listen. Listen all the way through to the period. Listen through lesser punctuation to the period.

It won’t go on like this forever.

“Know your power and use it” Speaker of the House – Madame Nancy Pelosi.

Did I tell you that?

I really don’t care.

“Today is the dress rehearsal for tomorrow.” RMSJr

“If we all thought the same, there would be no need to say anything at all.” RMSJr


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