Idea 365.38 On Writing

I need to write more and write on interesting things. My blog traffic is downand I imagine that my repeat and return metrics, if they were available, are abysmal. My own fault, consequence and challenge to do better.

Over on my other blog, the Maine HR Cafe, although a recent blog entry went viral in surge to rapidly become that blogs #2 for all time so far.

Kris Dunn at The HR Capitalist got his writing going by challenging himself to write a blog entry a day. (I can’t source the link that told me that, but work with me here, I think he said it.)

Whether that be myth or legend, real or imagined, the intent is true. To Write a blog, a journal, a column, or anything else of interest to anyone else interested, you have to write frequently, often and constantly.

Occassionally, brilliance may occur. Frequently, to much mundanality will become a boring turn off. And I have all these constant stream of ideas that flash through my mind and seeking release. Unfortunately, many of them occur while I’m supposed to be focusing on other things like driving. Sure, I could pull over to write them down. But I would then never get anywhere when I supposed to be there.

This is supposed to become an idea On Writing. What is the idea? And most importantly, why will this one idea trump any other idea I’ve had on writing and lead to the fame and fortune of frequent readership? I know the answer. Can I create this answer through demonstrated action and not another lofty good, to become unrealized, intention?

Let’s just see what will happen. Both here and at the Maine HR Cafe.


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