Shed Happenings

subtitled Spring Cleaning Continues

Yesterday was Cub Cadet snowblower to lawnmower transition day. I feel fairly confident in saying that we are months away from actionable snowfall. I did the task fully solo this year – as it has become – increased independence through self-reliance.

With deliberate focus, I worked my way through each step taking care to where all removed hardware was placed for return. Normally the task results in at least one or more busted knuckles. No so this year. One minor scratch – left hand, index finger, above lower knuckle on the thumb side, insignificant. Not even a turned or torn finger nail.

No tasks ever occurs in isolation. I took the concurrent opportunity to sweep and clean the shed. This aids in getting the lawnmower deck available while making space in the back for the snowblower storage. Some stuff tossed. The scrap wood pile behind is going to make a decent bonfire. Other stuff moved around and around, wondering when it will be worn out enough to move on.

Speaking of moving on – the coleman stove collection needs to go. There are at least three stoves and several lanterns. Most likely recovered from Bow Street and my own collections. One of each will be retained for just in case measures. The others will be craigslisted away for a practical price that respects their memories.

One thing always leads to another. The snowblower is rusting. It is now on the list for preventive refurbishment, scrape and paint. No sense losing the equipment to wear, tear and neglect.

The back of the shed seems to have settled somewhat. It won’t take that much to get out the long level to find out how much. Then jack it up to shim it up as needed. That is one reason why I have the general purpose, all purpose, five-ton jack.

The shed will be the trial site of a painting experiment. This year’s bigger outdoor upgrade project is going to be repainting and retrimming the house. The white trim (anyone can do white, why be the same?) is going to change from white to probably a transitional shade of gray. The the doors, all doors, are going to become or royal blue, sky blue, forest green, burgundy. Hence, the experience of the experiment.

Then other stuff happened. Lowe$ run for fire extinguishers, weed’n’feed, hose reel, et all.

By 5 PM – I was done for the day.



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