Conventional Thinking Then Writing

My ideas and thoughts usually come in from the outfield and fringe. When they bother coming in at all. They are generally more unconventional than conventional. At least that is what I sense between the lines in the feedback that I am given. Frequently, these ideas range from the creative absurd to the extremely practicalogical. This generates frequent levity and occasional misunderstanding.

Thus my task becomes to think broadly and then write concisely. Become more Hemingway’esque with tighterse prose versus my standard longwinded elablorations.

WP – word pairings are an example. They present my personal minimalistyle. When possible, they stay.

Purple ink is a style as well. Any & everyone can write in black ink. Fewer will write in blue ink. Purple is for unconventional expression. My journal is more purple, frequently blue, and black only when the thought is fleeting and must be yielded to prosperity for lateruminations – if at all.

So there is my conflict. Can conventional thinking be expressed in purple ink?


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