Three Boats You Should Ride On

I’m still away, but will be returning towards reality promptly.

The subtitle of my vacation could be, Three Boats with other stuff in between. Given the historical context of where I am visiting, boat riding is an appropriate theme.

I am spending this week in time in Williamsburg, Virginia. Like the tri-cornered hat, this area has three points of interest; Jamestown-the first permanent settlement. Yorktown – the beginning of the end of the Revolutionary War. And Jamestown in between – where many ideas developed as men of the minds coalesced.

The first boat was the ferry from Cape May, New Jersey to Lewes, Maryland. Sure, we could have droven around and down through the Philadelphia, Baltimore & DC corridor, but where is the fun in that? (self-answering question).

The second boat was on the schooner Serenity for a sunset cruise out of Yorktown.

The third boat was on the Ms Hampton II for a harbor tour from Hampton to the Norfolk Navy Base. Gray ships of steel that project America’s might across the globe. There is no other naval force even remotely equivalently that these ships can’t squash like a bug.

We The People came over to this great land on boats. It is only appropriate that boat rides should be included in this experience of history. There will be pictures posted soon on my flickr site.

Until then, Be Free.


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