Idea 365.40 – The Road Ahead

The road behind.

The idea is to have front view camera with a rear, wide-screen, display.

In the RV accessory market, rear view camera systems with driver display systems are sold. The premise is to keep you aware of traffic behind and enhance the safety of backing up manuevers. A camera is mounted on the rear bumper and feeds a display unit located within convenient view of the vehicle operator.

I could use one of these systems to count vehicles collected unwillingly into my parade. Set a limit of perhaps five. Once the quota is caught, pull over – when safe to do so – and release them to freedom. Normally, traffic comes and goes. However, yesterday, I am pretty sure I had one truck stuck behind for an hour. As I do travel at the posted speed limit, passing is difficult and unnecessary. So for their viewing pleasure.

Mount a dashboard camera that captures the drivers perspective of the road ahead. At the rear of the RV, mount a durable, wide-screen, hi def, display unit. This give drivers collected behind a view of the road ahead with advance warnings as to unexpected hazardousituations.

This is an easily implemented solution using commercially available off the shelf components. Of course, it may encourage tailgating even more. As if that is not enough of a problem all ready. If you can’t see my mirrors, you are nonexistent to me.


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