WANTED: Is One Of Our Categories

Uncle Henry’s, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

With my erstwhile photogenic companion – Angus.

Uncle Henry’s is a weekly regional magazine published by UNCLE HENRY’S. Spending the two dollar$ to get a copy also gives you a 3- word private party ad placed at no cost.

Got something to sell, swap, or give away? Need to source something to buy, swap or get for free? Uncle Henry is your man. UH has been around for 30 years. The cover alway has some pithy phrase to catch your eye, framed by the sign installer, a brick wall and a yellow labradoretriever profile.

Free is the companion to the Wanted Category, along with 59 additional categories and several subcategories.

Selected and representational WANTED & FREE ads.

Wanted plow truck, runs, inspected, cheap, good shape. I have things to trade.

Free: Nice looking rooster, we have two, but need only one.

Wanted. We always want something more. Some wants are really needs, other wants are simply desires. One good thing about UH is that they do not foray into the want and wanton of personal ads. There are other venues for that. I.E. The Portland Phoenix and Craigslist.

Uncle Henry’s is a solid Maine Yankee tradition. We exercise both our self-reliance and frugality while helping each other out.

Pick up your copy weekly and let your imagination begin.

Okay, one more ad from Household Items.

Moosehead corner cabinet good cond, maple color $300


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