Shovel Ready

Monday to Friday, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

Well, with apologies to Johnny Cash, we have our own Orange Blossom Special in progress. Only this time, the blossoms while the color orange are not the fragrant orange.

These pictures were taken Friday morning, along my normal atypical commute. Maine’s construction season is devolving into a Bert & I comedy skit – “Come to think of it, you can’t get there from here.”

What is missing from this study is pictures from the road in front of where I work. It is under construction from one end to the other with no escape in between.

These orange blossoms ornamate the landscape with several predominant shapes, those being cones, barrels & signs. Not to mention worker protection vests. It looks like Halloween has come early, sans pumpkins and Gritty’s Haloween Ale.

This is a good thing. Tangible evidence of the government’s stimulus package, albeit fertilized with tax dollars, laundered through Chinese owned debt and endless interest payments. Over time, there may be less trafficongestion. Over time, this lessened trafficongestion may result in increased productivity, increased consumer spending, with increased tax revenue that may increase loan principal reduction, with decreased interest payment obligations. Over time, the citizens will be born that will pay for our lack of reality.

Until then, take some time to sniff the blossoms of Shovel Ready. It’s not all BS.

Don't tease me.


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