Red, White & Yellow

Red, White & Yellow, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

This week’s entry into the Flickr D300 Challenge. Yellow was a great choice of themes. All photos and perspectives are outstanding.

I took several dozen and more photographs. Found myself struggling with depth of field v focus issues. These several dozen and more were wittled down to three.

Blackeyed Susans
Zeus OS, being my loyal yellow labradoretriever was involved, as always. His portraits were taken at the softer light towards the end of the day. Yes, the same end where the insane mosquitos and deer flies come out to feast. Challenges ensued. Zeus OS was cooperative through out.

Zeus OS

I could never quite get him in the pensive pose that his looks are usually so good at. The heat and humidity with the deer flies and mosquitos worked. Then of course the draw to drink deeply from the nearby pond.

Yellow, the color yellow. Safety, flowers, labradoretrievers and birds. Summer – pretty much every craft beer with a summer ale has some theme of yellow on the labels.

on your mark, get set, GO!

Be Well.


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