A Postcard To DownEastport

My ten day weekend starts soon. This adventure to a new place takes me all the way to DownEastport. There is no more exotic place to go!

‘I love to sail forbidden seas and land on barbarous coasts’ Melville

It has nearly been a challenge to begin to get there. Wild Thing II – the fifth wheel developed chronic no gas’itis. Twin tanks, both full, with slave and redundant regulators. Both regulators failed at the same time. Then it got worse. The RV service center had a difficult time sourcing the replacement part for the slave tank. After ten days, and a failed overnight delivery (did the plane crash?), at my request, they got the master side runnning and capped off the slaved tank.

The long term weather forecast is absolutely perfect. Sunny days and clear nights all the way into the middle of the week. And experience shows, probably beyond. September has the bluest skies.

Why Eastport? Why not Eastport! Big Sow, Canada, islands, 28-foot tides, bird watching, shore side whale watching, full moon this weekend, sunrise over America at West Quoddy Headlight House, “West Quoddy Head Light became the easternmost lighthouse“. (How could something named west be the easternmost?)

Stand by for more postcards.

Write soon, wish you were here.


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