DownEastport postcard.three

Good windy Sunday morning. 51 degrees with a firm wind gusting in from the north. The sunrise is occuring.

Day one from home to here.

No trip starts without each glitches. The importanthing is respect this reality with patience.

Glitch #1. Wild Thing II exhibited symptoms of no gas’itis. (see previoius posts for clarification). The tank full indicator on the regulatore was a raging and useless red of denial. Using the wisdom shared from the good folks at RV.Net, I left the gas on and turned to other splitting, hauling and loading some firewood. After chucking the wood into the truck, stowing the splitting maul, and parking the wheelbarrow – I returned to check the gas. It was a gentle and let’s go camping. Soon enough, we did. After we closed the garage door.

Down the road we went, proudly and satisfyingly moments ahead of scheduled, to the designated assembly point. My mother is following us in her RV. Running through the verbal did you remember/not forget checklist, we discovered Glitch #2 – that I left my new jeans behind. Back we went. The cellphone rang.

It was Mom. Gypsy, her gypsy’ing cat had not returned, was not returning to calls, and was no where in sight. Glitch #3. Go on ahead without her. And we shared our own turnaround for story.

Soon enough we were on our way. Gypsy remained elusive for only another ten minutes. By the last Maine Turnpike tollboth, we met up and headed north.

The rest of the drive went well. Turned right at Bangor. Got gas. The trip was an estimated 30 gallon trip, BigBlue has a 26 gallon tank. Turned left at Ellsworth and entered the real Downeast Maine. Beautiful scenery, generally excellent roads, and noticeably not many people.

At the campsite, rig parking directions, go the end of the loop, pull a U-turn into our bottom of the loop campsite and we’re done. Now, I am incredulous, the last time I pulled a deliberate U-turn with BB & WTII, it took four lanes of undivided highway, no traffic and had breakdown lanes for safety. I walked down to reconnitor the situation. I now have a plan.

Down the hill we go, around the loop and head back up the hill. When the rig is straightened out, we backed it down the boat ramp towards Passamaquody Bay & Canada. Once the nose of the truck was slightly down from the campsite, we pulled in, added two boards for leveling and were done with no yelling, crying (the driver), and suffering. The easiest parking job yet.

So, we are here. I am sitting here with a cup of coffee. Zeus has been fed, and the sun has come up.

Postcard.four is in draft mode. Grab a cup of coffee and come on back to hear more about DownEastport, Maine.


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