DownEastport postcard.five

Today, is Thursday. Due to internet connectivity reliability issues, the daily postcards are behind schedule. So, working backwards.

Today was First Sunrise day. Even though West Quoddy Head (WQH), Maine is only six miles more or less straight line distance, one must drive all the way around Cobscook Bay to get there. One hour of driving, 30 miles, for six effective miles.

It is worth it. This is our #2 First Sunrise. The first was on Cadillac Mountain on Mt Desert Island in Acadia National Park. The tourist density is greater there with several dozen other first sunrises seekers in attendance. Not so at WQH. We had a private event with one gentleman arriving late for the real event. The tide was going out. There was an off-shore wave activated fog horn buoy sighing its moan. The air was still enough to listen to the waves lapping.

The sky to the east was clear of all but two insignificant cloudlets. I mention them only because they were there for garish without effect. From deep blue overhead fading through pink, orange, & yellow into the ocean, the sky was where the sky always is, just look up. The sun peeked, arched an eyebrow and slowly woke into today. Clicketyclicketyclick with respites to inhale the exhiliration of being the easternmost freelance photographer in and for America.

After sunrise, we traveled northward through Lubec, crossed the bridge and border into Canada, onto CampoBello island, heading for the East Quoddy Head. This is at the entrance to both the Bay of Fundy and Passamaqody Bay. The tidal variance here is typically thirty feet. Given the tidal cycle of six hours, that means the incoming tide rises at five feet an hour. This is significant.

To get fully to the EQH lighthouse, one must descend a metal ladder, walk across the exposed beach and ascend another metal ladder. Timing is critical. Do this only at low tide. If you are late coming back, sit down and wait eight hours for the next lowering tide.

We got there as the tide was still going out and the way across was safely exposed. But, we chose not to make the crossing. Why? Earlier this week, an American couple waited to long to return and attempted to cross during the incoming tide. Waves washed away. Before a nearby boat could rescue them, the man had a heart attack and died on the boat. The woman is in critical condition.

After seeing several finback waves from shore, we returned down the island for breakfast at The Lupine Lodge. After a drive down the Bold Coast through Cutler and into Machias, we returned back to camp for a nap after our 4 AM wake-up for First Sunrise.

Wednesday was a down day – we stayed in camp.
Tuesday was a Quoddy Loop day
Monday – morning: Raye’s Mustard, afternoon: Whale Watching on a two-masted schooner.

Friday & Saturday are flexible.
Sunday – travel home and back to reality.

For now, it is time for a recovery nap.


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