Visit Maine Dot Com


The Maine Office of Tourism has asked for , and will be granted, permission to publish this picture on their website.

This picture of Rangeley Lake was taken on January 24, 2009. It was cold that day, the ambientemperature was either zero or below.

I type this words from Shore Hill Campground in Boothbay, Maine. This last Wild Thing II trip of the season afforded us yet another opportunity to explore a corner of Maine. This corner starts at Southport Island, across Boothbay Harbor and extends through Shore Drive in East Boothbay Harbor. Activities of note are The Maine Botanical Gardens, and a rousing performance from Enter The Haggis at the Boothbay Opera House.

This season’s worth of camping has been a rousing success. Center Ossipee, New Hampshire; of course Cathedral Pines in Eustis, Maine; Seaview Campground in Eastport, Maine; and now here. There are still stories to be told. There are still more places to both explore and revisit.

Today’s story line is the propane for the furnace. One tank is empty. The second tank is in active service. And I hope it lasts the morning or my day may change unexpectedly.

Come visit ME. Everyday is a better day.


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