One Day Five Hundred Words 20091024

Slept in by one hour this morning – still dark for an hour after getting up.

Rain is making me lazy, as I watch the falling leaves.

Let there be light. Would have been done quicker, easier and sooner without the burden of laziness and some day thinking.

Now, off to plan deck steps – replacement needed, probably two or more years ago. Why?

The steps are designed & overdesigned for rugged reliability. The list of supplies is as complete as a list of supplies can become. Off to a lumberyard.

1321: Back from the land of orange aprons. Went with pressure treated lumber to continue my theme of build it right, build it once. Wondering why I am replacing the steps – what happened the first time?

Now tomorrow: I didn’t make the 500 word quest. Working with wood always absorbs me while time vanishes. I looked up and it had become dark. And that is why working with wood is good. There are not enough words to describe, not 500, not more, not less.


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