TAO is the flow of life

365 TAO lists daily readings for the north and south hemisphere.

This morning, I looked at the balance between the two. After Tao is about the symmetry between reality and ideality.

N.318.Singing. Let us be like birds. Bird songs are seasonal and vary with the weather. As do we live, or should. Not in opposition, but with engaged harmony. For we cannot change the weather or the season. But we can celebrate each.

S.136.Judgment. That which agrees is the truth. Opposites and dualities have to exist. Truth is the only singularity in between.

Delta.182.Flow. This is the midpoint between the dualities of North and South. The freedom to choose and to change belongs with us.

Now that this is known, sing with seasons for that is the singular truth that allows us to flow with life, not bruised by living.


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