Esse est percipi

Face, vase or pawn?

“The world appears as you perceive it. Go forth with a humble attitude, and let your heart be moved by what you experience.” ~ 365 Tao Fusion

As usual, Tao touches other current and recent thoughts. “Esse est percipi” is from George Berkely with translation stating, “To be is to be perceived.”

From Tao, through George Berkely, to my current book on CD Einstein by Walter Isaacson.

Every day, we see the same things. Or do we? Why not look at each day for what it becomes – a nonrenewable resource. Look outside and look within. What has changed? What needs to be changed? What can be allowed to remain stable? The act of perceiving influences the object observed.

I see the shadows and sun rising into my forest. Winter’s lowest light comes soon. December 21 is a Solstice Day in 2009. A pivot point.

Today, there is 8 hours and 54 minutes between sunrise and sunset. My challenge is to remain intentionally aware of this pivot point and note the experience.


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