Sanity v Unfortunate

N.TAO.359: Sanity

“If you do nothing, you slip towards the darkness.” The soul has its own seasons and cycles, equinoxes and solstices. Seek light when available. Create light when needed and necessary. Otherwise, darkness descends and defeat accomodated.

S.TAO.177. Unfortunate

“Let us not hold ourselves above our fellow human beings, no matter how great the disparity.” Our times are tough. The truest disparity is to ourselves, living individually and collectively above our means. The debt becomes excessive, extended and then passed forward to unborn future generations. These times alone are our burden. Let us not be selfish with what is not, and never should become ours to take, steal and thieve. We are not above the unborn, to think this ways makes us dead to ourselves. For full freedom, live with less. Simplify.

We will keep our sanity when we do not create future generations of unfortunate


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