2010 ProjecTask

Round Tuit

We all have our own mental round tuit list. Those endless projects and activities that never seem to get done, or once started become endlessly unfinished.

For 2010, I am starting a projectask book. I’m not saying that everything will be started or completed. The philosophy of this quest will be to see what does get done and creditaken. The list is numbered by order recalled or good intention realized.

Some clarification about the quest title ProjecTask. Projects are composed of tasks. Projects by themselves can become overwhelming. Tasks are the discrete steps toward project completion. By having a task list, then completing one task at at time, projects become completed. Some projectasks will overlap and leapfrog. That is okay. As long as one thing at a time is focused on and worked on.

Case in point. The project is remodeling the master closet, which is currently in shambles after last years geothermal duct work installation. The currentask in this project is to enclose the duct work. This is task 2010.1. Later this morning, I will assemble the first frame work and test fit it. In the mean time, I will start and work on task 2010.2 – the HRASM vest gift certificate order.

Stay tuned for further adventures as I deploy Larry The Cable Guy’s growling tagline of ‘Get’er done!’

Get'er done


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