ProjecTask 2010.1 Framing in the closet air duct

This task is part of the project to remodel the master closet, resurrecting it from the shambles left from the geothermal duct work installation.

The duct was installed a year and a half ago. Since then, the closet has been a shambles of disorganized piles and not enough hanging space. Truly an opportunity to get something different done.

Stage I is to enclose the duct work, tucking it away from view. Should be easy enough. Build a frame, sheath it with quarter-inch plywood. All right angles and straight lines. Paint it dark blue and be done. Easily a one afternoon project…..hahaha.

The duct work design and installation adds complexity. When the house was framed up, for whatever reason the ceiling/floor joists from the first/second floor to the second floor ceiling are offset. Thus the ductwork has a corrective offset as well. Sixty-nine inches vertical, thirty degree into the closet for about fourteen inches and then a final eight inches vertical.

Test fitting the simple solution shows the floor space impact. It will be more difficult to reach into the back corner of the Stage II dual clothes hanging rod. Measurements retaken, angles determined and cuts made. THERE ARE NO IDENTICAL CUTS. Normally, the design work would reveal two uprights, identical top and bottom pieces, and several identical cross members for simple structual integrity. Still hoping for some resemblance of structural integrity in the complexity. The dry fitting on the floor of the work shop looks good.

Today, assemble and fit test. When happy, install.



One thought on “ProjecTask 2010.1 Framing in the closet air duct

  1. UPDATE: The frame is installed, anchored to the floor and upper wall cleat. As level, straight and square as possible with the outer and upper end floating. The sheathing will provide final structural stability. Today is dedicated to task #2 – HRASM officer and chair support activities.

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