ProjecTask 2010.1.1.2 The closet continued

Despite all good intentions, the closet project remained physically untouched until Saturday. Mentally, I worked through the measurements, cuts, fits and painting.

Measurements taken, cuts made. The goal is always the best cuts with minimum waste. The two sides, being the most complex were cut first.

Cut #1 was an eight foot rip to width done on the table saw with fence. This retained a strip to use later for the wallpaper trim stage. (More on that late.)

Cut #2 was a measured and controlled rip to near 70-1/2 inches, one on the table saw with fence. At this point, the duct work jags outward, jutting into the room.

Cut #3: The thirty-degree diagonal. This one was done by jigsaw.

Cut 4: Cut out the bottom space for floor trim.

Cut 5: Cut out for the upper cleat.

Test to fit. All was well. Repeat for the other side.

After the two sides were done. The front panel pieces were much easier. Rip to width, cross cut to length.

PAINTING: Tote the pieces downstairs, onto saw horses, and double coat. They all look great and will be installed today.

What worked. Measuring twice, cutting once. Deliberate task focus. Distractions were avoided and ignored, thus allowing efficientime utilization. Methodical work trumps harried meandering.


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