Rejected Mail

Every Saturday morning, I go through that week’s deliveredebris. You may know this better as junk mail. Turn on the shredder and grab the letter opener.

1. A letter from my supplemental insurance carrier wanting me to designate up to three people to notify for if/when my premium payments are not made. Shred letter, recycle envelopes.

2. Credit card application. Shred & recycle.

3. Life insurance application from AARP. Shred & recycle.

4. Directv. S&R. When you offer the internet, telephone and channel bundle, we may talk. Until then. S&R.

5. Rockler – telling me that I am one of their BEST CUSTOMERS! It has been at least several years since my last expenditure. If I am one of the best, their standards and expectations are curious. S&R

6. Metlife Auto Insurance card identifying me as a Preferred Motorist and a Personal Identification Number. S&R

7. Discover Card offer. Apparently will never recall me kicking them to curb, for irresponsibly corrupting my credit rating, over 25 years ago.And never fulfilling their promise to take appropriate corrective action. S&R with a vengance.

Seven items for the week. You may ask yourself, as I ask myself, why don’t I register to Opt Out with the Direct Mail Association?

I certainly and quite easily could, but consider the employment impact throughout the junk mail supply chain. Loggers, paper mill workers, marketing folks creating the copy, printers, the post office and finally the recycling industry. Opting out would break this chain of employment.

So I’m not grumbling, only reflecting.


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