Nor’east’ah Alpha

On Friday, October 15, 2010, Maine experienced its first northeaster of the fall/winter season.

Here at Thor’s Hill, we experienced gusting winds with 2.72inches of rain. Most of the rain was in the morning. The gusty winds lasted the day and into the next.

Of course, being inland and sheltered by the pine forest to the north and east, the gusty winds, while persistent throughout the day, were not to the same level of severity as the coast got clobbered with. In fact, the highest gust of 10 MPH was at 1956 in the evening. 24 hours later, at nearly the same time, there was a gust from the WNW @ 24 MPH. The day after was windier than than the day of the rain portion of the nor’east’ah.

Nor’east’ahs, being a significant weather event, deserve to be named along the same theme, concept and philosophy as summer tropical depressions and hurricanes. So, until I can came up with an annual fancified naming convention, the standard phonetic alphabet will be used. The next storm of significance will be named Bravo.

I’m still undecided as to whether or not to include all winter storms in this naming project.

What do you think?


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