The Barn

On a Cold November Rain kind of day, I journeyed to Phippsburg to meet with Andrea Brand about possibly showing my photography at her art gallery. Andrea and I met on Twitter, both being hard to the core Mainers. Our first meeting was when she a waitress at Spinney’s Restaurant. Andrea’s business plan and model is to give local artisans a collective space to present their talents to an appreciative audience. She also has a great grasp on the marketing opportunities that must be utilized to guide this appreciative audience to where they become consuming connoisseurs.

Andrea’s predominant medium of artistic expression is painting. Although she also utilizes other available mediums as the situation allows. As an artist, she has the freedom to create the moment. As a photographer, I have the freedom to capture the moment.

The Barn

The purpose of today’s visit was to see the gallery and wall/door where my work will be displayed. I have always received compliments on much of my photography with polite encouragement about selling my work. So I am now taking that step, ready or not, I will be ready.

Somewhere along the way, and I do know where, photography transitioned from being a print medium to more of a cybereality. BUT good photography should be printed and displayed. Huddling over a computer monitor, while efficient, does become more of something else, something at the tips of my finger. Something to be overcome.

My transition point was in eight years ago, when I got my first digital camera. The Minolta Dimage 7. Since then, I have followed the development of digital photography through 4 maybe 5 other cameras before settling in with my Nikon D300 2-1/2 years ago.

But I digress. I am developing my business plan. So far, only have about 13 questions and only one firm answer. The one answered question – what is my purpose statement: Exhibit for sale meaningful and appealing photography.

Come back often. I will share discovered and revealed answers as I walk down my path.


4 thoughts on “The Barn

  1. Bob, it was such a pleasure meeting with you yesterday. Your work is absolutely beautiful. It will be a pleasure working with you this coming season. Look forward to the opportunity. Love this article 🙂

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