Phippsburg 2011

The project now has a name. Now it needs the time, space and place in my-not-boring life to realize. There is room in the white spaces in between, as long as I focus on the task, not the whole.

Progress can only be made.

This week’s task was to implement the local printing of candidate pictures. I bought 4×6 photo paper for my HP Photosmart printer. There is a huge difference between printing on photopaper and printing on plain general purpose paper. Not only that, the is even a larger difference between looking a photograph on the monitor and printing out that same photograph on real photo paper. The difference is simply stunning and I’m now wondering why I spent too many years not printing out my better and best work.

There are four shots in front of me for pondering. Three will probably make it – the National Mall Squirrel, Washington Monument with American Flag, and a Sunrise over England. The Edinburgh Castle night shot is a maybe.

At the same time, this is Maine gallery. The real theme needs to be centered on Maine, not just my travel world beyond. It’s time to start.

The inkjet printing will only be used for photo selection – not for show printing. I have researched and identified several on-line options that use a photo process and quality archive paper.

December will be spent planning 2011. Today, I will finish developing the proposed 2011 HRASMaine budget for review at this week’s Board of Directors Meeting. At work, very busy with the final throes of merging two affiliate companies into one. And the published Phippsburg 2011 business plan and budget.

Progress can only be made by focusing on tasks, not the overwhelming everything.


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