Your Best Memory from 2010

This idea is borrowed from the Trish-The HR Ring Leader blog posting of the same theme and is going out to my family, friends and you!

Pemaquid Point Garden

It’s New Years eve and I am not going to fall into the trap of predicting anything. Last year I joked about it when I used my Magic 8 ball to make the predictions. This time around, I think it would be more fun to share one favorite memory from 2010 and I want you to join me. It can be:






It can be whatever you want to share. Make it a short sentence or a long paragraph. I just want to hear all the best that 2010 had to offer us collectively

That said, here is what I posted on Trish’s Blog.

Alaska Cruise. Been on my bucket list for a long time.

Flew to Seatle-drove to Vancouver-Ketchikan/Hoonah-Icy Strait Point/Skagway/Juneau/Hubbard Glacier/Seward-drove to Anchroage-flew home to Maine. Whales, sunsets, balcony cabin, train rides, Deadly Catch Experience with EAGLES!!!!, glaciers. Imagine the biggest place you can – Alaska is bigger. Life on a cruise ship was deeply relaxing. Interviewed ship HR Manager and got the article published – Available @ For more stories on the Alaska cruise, visit

That said; this morning I made a top ten of 2010:

1. 27th year of marriage to my finest kind wife
2. Alaska cruise
3. Bar Harbor, three generation camping trip
4. Eastport – a repeat visit
5. BigBlue paid for
6. Maine Medical Center – wife’s new job
7. Washington DC – November trip
8. House visible side repainted
9. Deck Renovation
10. Each day


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