Too Big To Fail

AKA: Project Phippsburg 2011: Early , January Update.

After a time of reflection, thinking, scheming and dreaming, I was ready to start the photo selection process. Knowing what was ahead of me, I posted this on FB. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” This cryptic entry was a hint at the scope of the task. The deciphered content meant that just because I can keep every digital picture I’ve ever taken (which I have done…) doesn’t mean I should. Clearly, I need to become not only better organized but also more willing to discard photos that are not worthy of keeping.

I reached deep into my backup external hard drive and began the journey down digital photography lane. All the way back and through my five or six digital cameras. Early file sizes of 500k’sh were telling of the journey. Current files are ten times larger.

At the same time, my wife’s hard drive giving imminent failure messages. Further investigation revealed the same messages were buried in my computer’s log file. She quickly called the vendor, our computers, bought at the same time, were still under warranty. Parts were shipped, a service technician dispatched, and the onerous task of program and data transfer was started.

I stubbornly insisted that laplink’s PCMover utility software be used to migrate my application software and data files. Poor mistake. It revealed that my flawed intuitive sense of reality. What seemed so conceptually simple turned into a digital slog. I should have listened to my wife. She is the IT goddess with talent, skill and competency forever beyond my own. Day One turned into overnight and ended in the failure that creates lessons learned. Lesson learned include: to back up the data; use PCMover to transfer the OS and application software; and quit keeping so much junk. Day Two, as I type this, has become evening. (But I do have a new 2TB backup drive and a new UPS.)

Along the way, beyond this soft disk fender-bender and recovery, I have been thinking about upgrading my photo light room application software suite towards the accepted gold star standard – Photoshop CS5. Well, that cost more money than I need to invest in this fledgling adventure. For now, I will be getting and using Adobe Lightroom 3. With .aL3, I get organization and post processing capabilities. To ensure this meets my needs before dropping the ca$h into the solution.

Yes, cash. I intend to fund this initiative with today’s dollars. This one guiding principle is to remain constant. No Debt Is To Be Incurred. Some funds will be generated by selling off stuff no longer needed. Like the van top Thule kayak carrier stowed in the basement. The trailer hitch I found last year after running over it in the road. Maybe even some early photos from my online printing service – see next paragraph.

Future expenses include registering an available domain name, picking an online printing service, 4×6 test photos, mileage, frames, real printing, matting and framing. Will I need a Great State of Maine business license? Or will I fly under the table, under the radar – hardly doubtful. PhotARTgraphy is a hobby that may generate revenue, expenses, profit or loss.

The real question remains…What Is My Purpose?


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