Kiss My Butt

Google News searching Kiss My Butt yields 260 results. As with any sound bite, the reaction is to the three words, not the whole story, thus missing, perhaps intentionally, the real world context.

Maine has a blue collar governor in a now red state. Govenor LePage’s glib remark, after being constantly nitpicked at by the press about his not going to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s annual dinner in Portland with a follow-on breakfast meeting in Bangor, was unfortunately authentic.

Who has not become exasperated while being repetitively and repeatedly questioned about the same subject? The press uses this immature interrogative technique to get the juicy sound bite. Asked and answered is sufficient. Any repetitive persistent asking is needless needling and carping. IF you have kids, and taken them to the grocery story, you know what I’m talking about.

Govenor LePage’s rationale was practical – he did not want to establish the precedence of becoming beholden to the political agendas of special interest groups. Not to mention, as he states, there are only so many hours in the day and many demands on his limited time to tend to professional, personal and private matters.

Rachel Talbot Ross’s – President of the Maine NAACP Chapter – tone, as quoted in the Portland Press Herald is callous, telling and inconsistent starting with, “I don’t care who he’s got in his family”, and ending with “His son deserves better.” Rachel, you don’t care or do you care about Lepage’s family or son? Really? I doubt that to be true to who you really are. See how the selective sound bite is damaging?

Governor Lepage is not willing to join in the NAACP’s agenda of exclusive inclusiveness. The Maine NAACP wanted him to meet with the black prisoners in Maine’s prison – a race exclusive event. Governor Lepage declined unless the meeting was open to all prisoners – an inclusive event. The meeting was not held because of the NAACP’s inflexible commitment and blind allegiance to its dogmatic agenda.

As with any newly elected executive political leader, verbal gaffe’s are going to occur and be learned from. President Obama’s glib special bowling remark “It’s like the Special Olympics or something,” (168,000 Google Hits) on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is one example, but not an excuse. President Reagan’s “We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes”, (98,400 Google hits). I’m not going to go down the profane path of VP Biden.

Govenor LePage – the microphone was on. Consider all microphones to be on, live and recorded. Pause to temper your response by five seconds to mentally bleep the glibness while continuing to hold true to your values & beliefs of total inclusiveness.


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