Apple Infection

I’m making the plunge into the world of Apple with an iPad 32GB model today. I’m not sure as to why I have been reluctant to lean forward into the world. Do I really have a committed obsession to all things Microsoft? Why didn’t I remain as commited to my Commodore Vic20/64/128s?

I am cautiously optomistic and excited. The iPad will become my mobile photography studio platform. Albeit with a bit of kludged solution between the camera’s CF card and the iPad camera adaptor accessory. But the solution does work for others and will work for me.

Last year, the netbook solution was tried. Albeit on an economic restricted scale. The solution was workable, but not without persistent complications – the keyboard/touch pad sensitivity was chronically irritating. So now, the netbook will be relegated to a status yet to be determined.

And yet, I still have my Dell PDA – now there is a dinosaur.

Today, Blue Man Group, Apple store and dinner at the Outback.

Mental meanderings continue towards solutions.


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