What time is it?

Time changed today. I’m guessing we sprung forward by saving this one hour & depositing this hour towards more light after work. This deposit will be withdrawn this fall. Without interest.

Time changes are bifurcation points. An imposed natural opportunity to reflect, change and redirect.

Astronomical events gives us the solstices and equinoxes. Time, Space & Places in the sky.

The calendar gives us new weeks, new months, new years. Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday.

Nature gives us standard time. Local noon is when the sun is due south and can be set by your garden sundial. Midnight is dark and the sun is not due north.

The government gives us savings time. Which we are on now. I guess that is where the one hour deposit goes – to some time savings bank that doesn’t pay interest. The government also gives us time zones with opt out clauses. Not every state saves time.

Back in the day, we used to set our clocks forward by one hour. The official time to do this is at 2 AM. Some may do this before going to bed. Others when they get up in the morning. Did anyone get up at 2 AM, reset their time devices, and got back to bed shortly after 3 AM. And I’m not sure where my wristwatch is right now.

In today’s modern era, our IT systems – Microsoft, Apple, cellphone providers, cable systems – all do this on a program controlled, automated basis. I think my blog settings didn’t change, according to the clock at the bottom of this window, I am actively typing this one hour ago.

All I want to know is who is going to come by to change the clocks on the stove, microwave ovens, coffee maker and the dashboard of my truck? Truth be told, every time display in the kitchen is in another time zone, not even closely synchronized to reality.

I think I want a sundial. Only a sundial. And the freedom of nature to naturally ignore all other imposed realities. Since it is current overcast, there would be no shadow and this one moment would remain timeless. I want to save this timelessness.


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