My Favorite iPad App

I’m about two months into my Verizon iPhone and three months into my wifi 32G iPad. I have iPoked around, news, games, Audobon society, music, & photography apps, et al.

Then found my favorite app – My Fitness Pal (MFP). This app will literally change your life as it is a better health plan in your hand. With it, you can track your daily calories, nutrition and exercise—without having to look up a bunch of scattered charts and tables. It is a complete package. When used with the best intentions and truths, you will lose weight the only way that weight should be lost – Diet & Exercise.

You start by entering your data – weight, height, gender & age. Then you input your desired weight. MFP then calculates your daily calorie goal. It appears to be designed to allow you to safely lose one pound a week. This works out to 500 less calories a day than the typical amount needed to sustain current weight. Points add up as you enter the food you eat with credit given for a huge range of exercise options.

Day One: Lunch was the tipping point into reality. I ordered and ate a tuna salad sandwich from Panera Bread – then checked out the calorie content. Nearly half of a one day’s allowance. Even after exercise – walking the dog and elliptical, I ended up the day with 300 calories beyond goal.

Day Two: Knowing that this day is my brew pub day, I researched and planned ahead of time for meal, beverages and exercise. This worked, I ended the day 136 net calories below goal.

Day Three: Today’s goal was to erase the remaining sin of Day one. With watched consumption and exercise, I erased the remaining net.

Day Four is in progress and I was rewarded with getting back on track. Three days of into this plan, I have lost the expected 1/2 pound and am on my way to one pound loss per week.

This Works For Me.


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