The Iron Ranger


This Iron Ranger is a test of personal integrity.

When no one is watching, will you stop and pay the access fee anyways? Certainly , they could make it easier by charging whole, not half dollar amounts. But then again, a fifty-cent tip for self service is a wee bit excessive. Perhaps, I was unintentionally paying it forward for a next car through.

I double folded my Lincoln and pulled forward into the park with a clear conscience.

After having a thoroughly enjoyable walk down and back across the uniquely famous one-mile beach. I exited the park, stopping at the entrance to use my iPhone maps app to get my bearings towards the next destination. While there, a micro SUV zipped by, scarcely braking for the posted speed limit, certainly not stopping to honor the Iron Ranger.

Integrity is doing the right thing. Whether or not any one else is watching.

Should I have gone back, to at least take a photo of the offensive violator? Would it have made any difference if I had? What would you have done?


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