Ten Years of Digital Photography

Winter Sunrise

The First Picture

This is the first picture saved, from one decade ago. I drive this road nearly daily. Even now, I am less than one mile from where this picture was taken.

It was taken with my first true digital camera, the Minolta Dimage 5/7. I still have it here in my study – nostalgia, sentimental, memories.

For awhile over the past decade, I chased the evolution of digital photography with annual upgrades. Three years ago, I settled in a Nikon D300 which is still my workhorse.

Over the years, pictures were saved – nearly all pictures taken. This hoarding deepens and clogs the clutter on one external hardrive and the companion backup hardrive.

So it’s time to start the review, archiving, cataloging and deletion. I’m hesitant and excited about this journey from then to now. What worked, what didn’t, what doesn’t, what stays, what goes into the digital dust bin. But mostly what has been learned and remembered.

Side note: sitting here on my desk, there is one final roll of undeveloped film. There may even be another in the Canon AE-1 stowed away in a cabinet. As I get through from then to now, those memories need to be revealed as well.

I still take sunrise pictures. In fact, every good day starts with a sunrise. This good day is starting now.


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