This is the dedication from my first photgraphy show. IT should have been posted here last August, but was crushed with enough other things going on. It is worth sharing here, even later.

If every day is a new beginning, then every day we are nothing more than beginners. This show is a new beginning for me that began five decades ago. Both of my parents are photographers, how could I become anything less. They always had cameras nearby, both professionally and personally, and through gentle osmosis, I learned the art of composition. This show is dedicated to my father Robert M. Smith, Sr. of Lewiston, and my mother Joyce CB LaGasse of Durham. Thank you each for the shared journeys and boundless encouragement.

My journey through film cameras included an Instamatic snap’n’shoot, a Kodak 110 pocket camera, and a Canon AE-1. Photographic limitations were primarily convenience and cost based.

Ten years ago, the digital camera arrived. My first digital camera was a Minolta Dimage 5 (or 7)? Several of the pictures in this show were shot with that first digital camera. I chased through the upgrades and evolutions, seemingly on an annual basis. Several years ago, I settled comfortably into my Nikon D300 with upgrades scattered through lenses, adaptors and camera bags.

I have always been a traveler, hence the theme of my photography – From Here To Away. While images of Maine remain endless, perspective and context includes going and returning.

Digital photography and communications evolution matured concurrently. It is through Twitter that Andrea and I became acquaintances and are now friends. It is through this growing friendship that I was afforded this opportunity to publicly present and share my photography. Andrea – thank you for this new beginning.

The truest thanks go to my wife Patty. This show would not be possible without her support, encouragement, and affirmation. We always have and always will travel widely. Sometimes to familiar places, other times to places beyond where we have gone before. These pictures are from our shared story.
Thank you for sharing this, my newest beginning.

I hope you find my pictures meaningful and that they spark and inspire a memory from your story.


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