A Phone Person

So, I have decided to become a phone person. No really, I think I mean it.

What is a phone person anymore?

Well in a traditional sense, it means a person who reaches to talk with others on a just because basis. This is what I mean. So I called my father and listened to him. Then called my mother and she didn’t answer. Perhaps I will call my brother & sister later on.

In this modern era. Right now, my phone is channeling some Eagles Live music, just now switching over to Enter The Haggis. Earlier today I used the phone to take some pictures of the GDO repair. Most importantly, the configuration of certain power supply wires. For fun, a picture of the worn out gears was posted on Twitter & Instamatic. When the work was done, I used my phone to take a self-serving video showing the door opening then closing and sent to my wife & son embedded in a text message.

Perhaps I already am a phone person. What do you think?


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