Tides ebb, pause & reverse, rise, pause and reverse, with or without our noticing.

The sun passes through the day. From darkness through dawn, then rise, pass, and set, into dusk and back to darkness.

The moon leads, lags and disappears. The face we see is always facing us. But changes in a known repetitive pattern.

Ourselves, we ebb, flow, rise, reverse, fall, lead, lag and disappear. We wake up, motion through the day, and return to slumber. Too often on autopilot. Too often without realizing, recognizing or noticing.

Cycles – believe in them.

It is time to pay attention to the world that I live in, the world I live through. So I will, through at least one full cycle. The hard data set sources include my Ambient Virtual Weather Station and the iPhone app Weather Quickie.

Data creates information that leads to knowledge and ends in discovery. Derived data is this information.

Unlike my life, which is cluttered with too many beginnings and too few endings, these cycles continue through transitions without beginning or ending. Well, they did begin once, but when was that? Derived data beyond the initial scope of this one full cycle.

This is about paying attention to the world that is lived in.


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