Happy Ishtar

Day 97, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

How Will You Rise?

Today is the day that the son of the Christian deity rose into the universe to atone for the sins of his father’s believers. An act of redemption, sacrifice, love, and one size fits all atonement for those who so believe.

The Ishtar/Astarte/Easter fable is a linked evolution of spiritual allegorical metaphors that lives on through the symbols of this day. Ishtar, according to some myths, was crucified. Astarte’s symbols included the hare (Easter Bunny) and the egg (fertility). So, as your personal faith allows, wheter you are a christian, heathen, pagan, agnostic or atheist; when you decorate an egg, or bite into a marshmallow filled chocolate bunny, or in other smaller or greater ways; you are engaged in the allegory of atonement and redemption.

How will you rise today?

As I have written before, “IF every day is a new beginning, then every day we are nothing more than beginners.” Take this day, like every other day, and take one step further into beginning a life that is better than the one you lived before.


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