One Reason to live in Maine


A while back, in the recent future, I put forth a challenge on Facebook as to what I should or could blog about.

Two responses were received. One was about Connections. This one remains in draft mode. The other one was about ‘Why Live in Maine’. This second one has substantial depth, breadth & distance. As such, one single response is too shallow in scope to have substantial meaning. As such, the challenge will be answered as an ongoing series.

This first one answers the question from a weather perspective. I have spent the past week in HOTlanta – a tongue in cheek expression of Atlanta. This is early high summer season and the temperature has been consistently in the mid to upper 90s, both with and without substantial cooling into the evening and through the night to the following morning. every day I have like a living, eating, walking ball of sweat.

As the weekend approached, the forecast failed to relent and subside. Instead, the forecasted temperature increased into the triple digits. The above picture was taken about 7 PM.

Why move to Maine? Well thirteen years, I moved back to Maine from Montgomery, Alabama. The climate and culture is similar to HOTlanta. We were prisoners of air conditioning from May to October. In Maine, I would be sitting on the shaded front porch, with a refreshing breeze, and cooling drink in hand.

Where would you rather be?


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