Some Things Are Black & White


Most day a in HR are like fifty shades of gray with no pure distinction between black & white. And that is a good thing as it means that most situations are touched by human minds.

Other times, it’s a good thing to have simpler decisions. For me, this simpler decision is socks. I only wear only two colors. One color is white, the other is black. But wait, there is more. When the set gets old, worn, torn & less, they get tossed out & a new set replaces them.

No more matching socks, looking for that one lost sock that has been turned into washer & dryer lint. Mornings are so much easier now. Reach into the pile and grab two socks of the same color.

IF only everything else were that easy. IF they were, anyone could do HR. But, with the fifty shades of gray, only the unique can be HR.

How unique are you?


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