The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift is the gift of time. The greatest gift of time is when someone freely and willingly does something for someone else. A moment of kindness. An hour of help. A day of service.

Units of time measure the passing of life. Days become weeks yielding to months, years & decades. Time marches on from Before through With and into After.  Relentless. LIV or not.

Shed Foundation

Yesterday, six good men from my neighborhood joined together to help raise my shed. Counting myself, there was a week’s worth of men, a week’s worth of time.  I was the task master with the order of work while another naturally adopted the role of technical leadership.

First the backwall goes up.

Together we installed the back wall, side walls, front wall, rafters, sheathing and tar paper for the roof. A few glitches occured and were resolved. Start time, 10 AMsh.  No one man can pick up, move and place an assembled 8′ x 16′ wall. Seven men can do the task in a moment.

Shed Happens

Three and a half hours later it was time for brats, beers & beverages on the front porch. Then the crew dispersed onward into the remainder of their day.

I am grateful.



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