September Sunset


Taken on the next to last day of summer, over a field several miles east of here, on our way home from dinner at The Great Impasta .

I sensed that the sky was in superb shape for an excellent sunset. No dense clouds loitering, lurking to disrupt one of nature’s finest moments. I stopped first along Route One in Brunswick for this shot . Please note the gratuitous nudge towards my Flickr account. Then we sped of towards open fields in rural Durham.

All Flickr & Facebook shots were taken with my trusty Nikon D300 with the 18-200mm zoom. This shot was taken with my iPhone 4 and was posted up onto Flickr.

This blog posting started on the iPhone for picture uploading and is now being edited on an iPad 2.

In reality, I will be slowly moving my best of pictures towards my SmugMug account — the Maine Photo Cafe — where they will be available for purchase at modest price points. The modest profit will be used to fund website maintenance fees with excesses used towards investing in future photography gear – hint — a lens upgrade to the Nikon 18-300 zoom lens and/or add on lens sets for the iPhone.

Stay tuned and keep your eye on the sky.


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