Fall isolated shower


This picture was taken Monday afternoon. What you are looking at is the rain pouring off the porch roof. We got home to an early fall, late afternoon, unexpected sky. The sky was lively with textures, character and gusto. Through the rain, sunshine could be seen. Then sunshine could be seen in the rain. The perfect setup for the double rainbow that followed.

The universe and I have been at odds since Friday. That story has yet it be told, may either never be told or told at a yet to be revealed time. On Monday, the universe seemed to want to apologize for fate. Along the way into Portland from Westbrook, there was a welcome tailwind of green lights. Instead of balking & stalking all the way up Congress Street, from one stop to the next, with traffic crossing and to be crossed, there was the welcome relief of flow.

Rain showers cleanse. Zeus and I stood out in the rain shower, underneath the leafy shelter of the oak tree. When was the last time you stood in the rain. I’ll bet none of us do it often enough. Instead we mutter at the selfishly perceived inconvenience. Without rain showers, there would be no rainbows.

The unyielding universe does care.

With a sigh, Zeus I went on inside, to the remainder of this day.


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