Day 275: Sunrise Rainbow

Sunrise Rainbow – what a great way to start the week.

Day 275, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

A shower was approaching from the west, opposite the sun rising in the east. A Monday morning karma reminder to start the work week. The first sighting was on upper High Street. The urge to stop was strong along Park Avenue with the strongest pull coming from Hadlock Field home to the Portland Sea Dogs.

Equally strong was the urge to not be late to work, pretty much a personal anxiety. Anxiety battled anxiousness as I headed out Congress Street. At Stevens Avenue, I relented with a quick iPhone shot while stopped at a red light.

The shower darkened the western sky. The rising sun rose with piercing low light brilliance, setting up a uniquely unbelievable contrast. By Frost Street I relented and pulled into a parking lot along Stroudwater – the Upper Fore River Sanctuary

This was the right decision. I was not disappointed. Instead felt rewarded, happy, and good with the universe. Rainbows are a special reminder to look up to the sky that is always there.

I got to work, on time, with a minute to spare.


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