First Snow 2012

First snow & an empty chair.


And now twelve hours later.


The snow turned into rain.

The typical 45 minute commute turned into an hour.  Not to bad. Traffic was light and manageable, along with the brief stretch of flashing light episodes. The first flashing lights started with a snow plow in the left lane, me passing on the right, and then add in the blue lights of the state trooper.  My position wasn’t good, so I slowed down to let the trooper into the right lane, but he did not make the turn. Instead he stayed behind the snow plow as he was responding to the ditched vehicle in the medium.

The next flashing light episode was a the next exit – an ambulance entering the highway. I had the beyond position so maintained my lane as the ambulance merged on well behind me, took the left lane to pass, then swerve abruptly back into the right lane. By the next exit, the ambulance slowed into the breakdown lane as a truck was passing. The ambulance flashing lights turned off and thus ended this episode.

Another mile up the road was a second ditched car in the median. This one ran along the safety cable that prevented the car from going into oncoming traffic heading north.

The remainder of the drive was tranquil until I was exiting the big city on a major route. This time, a city bus had broken down and was blocking a lane of light traffic. A wrecker was on the scene.

So the first nor’easter of the season was mild enough for here in Maine. Raining still, occassional wind chimes, and no actionable snow accumulations remain.

Thus endeth named Nor’easter Andy.


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