The Power of Eagles

This is an occassional continuation of books I have read.

The Power of Eagles  Nature’s Way to Individual Accomplishment
By Tyman L. Towery
158 numbered pages, 16 counted chapters.
Reread 20121119. Originally read, a number of years ago after hearing the author speak at the Maine HR Convention.
Each core chapter begins with a child’s quote, followed by descriptive narrative and exploratory dialogue, then a page of quotes and ends with three application questions on Business, Family, & Personal.

As an Eagle Scout, this book inspires me to write the journey to Eagle Scout as an example of the model for individual accomplishment and personal success. The three opening principles of the Scout Oath – honor, best, duty. Scout motto, slogan & law. And chapters on the core merit badge requirements. (Added to bucket list.)

The Eagle and the Hawk
By John Denver
I am the Eagle

I live in high country
In rocky cathedrals
That reach to the sky
And reach for the heavens;
And hope for the future;
All that we can be
And not what we are.

We all have our own Eagle stories, what’s yours?


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