Day 366: Last Light

Well, my 2012.365+1 picture a day quest is now over.

Day 366: Last Light, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

Most photos were taken in 2012. When the demands of life intruded, selected favorite shots from past years were posted.   All photos can be seen here on Flickr 2012.365+1

Three cameras were used. The primary camera being a Nikon D300. First  alternate camera was an iPhone.  The year started with the iPhone 4 and was upgraded to an iPhone 5 in October.   The iPhone is a pretty decent camera and is represented by its own cult following.  (sidenote – nearly all of my645  Instagram photos were taken with the iPhone). The third camera featured is a critter cam to capture life after dark in the backyard.

Themes emerged over time. Zeus,   Birds, two cow pictures, boats & ships, Life on Congress Street,  Life here at the Maine Forest Café,  travels – Atlanta, Vermont, Cape Cod, RocklandPatriotism, Sunrises and SunsetsAmericana, et al.

Favorite pictures with lessons learned.

Stump Face was an early success. I went hiking on a winter day to chase daylight. Good pictures were taken, but nothing eye catching. On the hike back out, Stump Face was looking at me.  Lesson – turn around and look behind for another perspective.

The December Festival of Light theme gave me a chance to use the tripod in manual mode to overcome the deepening darkening of winter.

Casco Bay Trestle was a spontaneous test of an 8-second exposure that revealed the range of the Nikkor 18-300 mm zoom lens

Where do I go from here? What’s next through the lens?  Well, the D300 is going in for a cleaning. The much used 18-200 mm zoom is going in for overhaul.  (No worries, the new 18-300 mm is at the ready.)

Today, I need to work on a set for a calendar to be produced for a local business.

Maine Photo Café.com needs attention.  This will be done by sorting my catalogue with sale quality photography processed through Lightroom.

To expand the range of my genres and develop critical artistic skills, photography contests opportunities will be explored and entered.

The rambling ends here, the writing with words and light goes on.



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