An Overall Purpose


I have fifteen minutes of personal freedom & solitude between the last & next obligation. So I drove to here to share a picture titled The View From Here. Here being a view of ye Olde Grand Trunk Railroad pier along the Portland Harbor. All this left now are pilings that have been standing & rotting since before my remembered time. Through the open sunroof, I hear seagulls jabbering, and see them reflected them swirling on this iPad. There is a raft of common eiders bobbing on the blue, green, gray water. Is the tide coming or going? The wind reaches in to tussle my hair. Seagulls soar. Seagulls perch on the pilings.

This iPad, is it another Aristotle Cave where abstacts reflect reality? Fluttering images, symbols, a resemblance of reality. Is this where my head & heart reside. In a cave that I alone have dug into solid ground, below the horizon of reality, peering to look for ideality on the absent pier in front of me.

My head, my heart, seek light, dark,colors, hues and shadows. I see, feel & reach for pictures. A hillside of barren trees reflected on Stroudwater’s frozen again rising waters. Only seen and remembered. The pull to labor of the mind to manage the labor of the head, heart & hands of skilled craftsmen. Daily they create reality. Daily I strain to struggle through ideas to create a real ideality. The challenge is the translated application from paper to procedures through policies and into practices.

Hence, one of the 10 ideas for creativity is to use my hands to fill my heart & head with something more than before.


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