Two Paths


Today I went snowshoeing on a new trail for me. I have been on the first 0.2 miles of it, but not beyond. Seeing as how it had snowed this past week, I was hoping that someone else would break the path for me to show me the way.

At one early point in the snowshoe, two paths diverged in the woods and I took the one most traveled. After several minutes, I sensed trail divergence but continued on despite intuitive concerns.

Then a trail maker appeared indicating an abrupt right turn. The boot track continued on into a narrowing gap between two ledges. No footprints followed the trail marker right turn. The right turn was taken anyways and I did my best to blaze what I thought was a right path up and over the ledge and beyond. Once over the ledge, I once again sensed trail divergence. For awhile a southerly direction was followed until a wide tote road appeared. Then, following my sense of direction, an easterly path was followed and soon enough trail markers appeared again.

The trail was followed down a slope, across a handsome well constructed bridge and up into the backside of Bradbury State Park. Then, once again, the trail markers vanished. I stomped around for awhile longer, hoping to find the boundary trail, then a trail up the backside to the summit of Bradbury Mountain. After never finding any promising trails, I turned back to backtrack.

On the way back, the proper trail was found. The cooling temperatures turned warmer. The trek was completed.

So, despite getting off track twice, another snowshoe hike was completed. Soon, too soon, once again, winter will thaw into spring. The gales of April will bring the blossoms of May. More hikes await.


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