Your Time to Shine

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Last year, to challenge my photography, I did a 365+1. 2012 was a leap year. The results of that challenge are viewable on my Zeus Ocean Storm Flickr account.

On myTwitter account, I say I write with words & light. Perhaps it is now time to repeat that 365 with words, supplemented with light.

I am an early bird. My best moment of the day is at sunrise and the solitude that follows. I get up to read, write, reflect. Usually over a cup of coffee.

Typically, Monday through Friday, sunrise occurs before, during or after my daily car-pooling commute. About one mile down the road, as we exit the forest, we know if the sunrise is going to be either dramatic, typical, or obscured.

Cape Cod Sunrise

Back to my weekend sunrise. My study faces east. (I refuse to call it an office.) The House At The Edge Of The Forest is oriented nearly true north & south. As such, true east is directly in front of me every equinox.

Most sunrises find me coffee cup in hand, waiting, watching, wanting.


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